Accessing your voicemail from an EE phone:

  • press and hold 1
  • if you're calling from another phone, dial 07953 222222 if you're in the UK, or +447953 222222 if you're abroad 
  • you'll need to know your voicemail PIN to listen to your messages from another phone
  • if you want to set a PIN or a greeting, or change any other settings press * to take you to the main menu

Voicemail help on your phone

For help on voicemail for a particular phone model, go to our phones and devices Help where we you can find more detailed information.

Voicemail costs

See our pay monthly price guide for pay monthly costs.

See our pay as you go price guide for pay as you go costs.

See our SIM only price guide for SIM only costs.

Set a voicemail greeting

You can let your friends and family know they've called the right number by setting a voicemail greeting. Do this by going to the voicemail main menu and selecting option 2.